We are very thankful for the people who help us so this is our way of saying thankyou to them

  1. Shri Pramod Sawant, Honourable Chief Minister of Goa for encouragement and support and funding

  2. Director, Department of Information and Publicity for providing sponsorship.

  3. FTC teams 7506 and 8866, Lovejoy Lane 7074b, Frederick Oklahoma 73542 for donating Rev expansion hub to our team.

  4. Shri Veeranjaneyulu Doppalapudi, Shri Vishant Shirodkar, Shankar Karpe and Vianca Verma for carrying FTC parts from USA to India.

  5. FTC Team Sigma for being the support structure in terms of training and skill building

  6. Shri Ashwin Shah for mentoring the team

  7. Shri Nilesh Shah for invaluable advice

  8. 3D printing lab for printing the claw free of cost