Preperations for the past 5 months....

The preparations for the past 5 months culminated at the First Tech Challenge India championships held in March 2023 at Pune, India The team of 14 kids from all over Goa teamed up to participate and qualify for the semifinal stage by winning 4 of the six matches played. The competition format facilitated learning in the domain of robotics, coding, 3D design, documentation, speaking skills, etc, and also helped in the overall development of a student participating in it. The team learning journey is well documented on the website (built on GITHUB due to the efforts of Anay Kamat). You can also check the voluminous documentation prepared by the team on its learnings and achievements. All done by 13-year-old kids. Engineering Notebook Engineering Portfolio

The efforts of FTC Team Sigma via Ashwin Shah allowed us to jumpstart the learning. Parents of all the team members chipped in to fund the team expenses and raised sponsorships. Thanks to #FIRST for creating a fantastic format and I wish this format is replicated In an Indian context so that a maximum number of students in India can derive benefit from it.

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